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  • Boris Grinshpun

Why Video?

If you are a creator or a service provider, chances are that you already have an online presence, whether it is on social media or a company website. The services or the products that you provide are well defined and easy to understand. You might have an already established client base with excellent testimonials and feedback that validate those services and products but you still struggle to convert your traffic. Ten years ago it wasn't apparent that you can build your customer relations online. The internet was mainly a suspicious place. People didn't trust the internet, and it took time to get used to the new online technologies. Gradually we learned what and who we can trust when it comes to acquiring services and products online. If there is one thing you can take from this article, it is that It takes time for people to trust your online presence. It takes time to build credibility before you can sell. It is not enough to have a page or a website or even testimonials, which by the way, are for sale. People need to know that they can trust you. Your branding and logo might be hip, but at the end of the day, they lead to you and represent what you stand for - your principles and ability to serve and care for your clients. You already know where I'm going with this. No technology can replace a genuine human connection. People need to feel that they can trust someone real before they spend their money. Most people are still shopping according to a herd mentality. So if you're not a recognizable brand or don't have a great client base, chances are not many people will be approaching your business. If there is doubt when it comes to trusting each other, no technological advancement will help you sell. People want to know the real intent of the service provider, the actual quality of the product and services offered. And like in the dark ages, we still use our gut feeling to sense how things feel before we take action. Looking at a person in the eye and experiencing their intention first hand. Nothing will replace a human connection. But some things will get you closer to it than other things. So imagine all the new people landing daily on your website or social media pages because you picked their interest. But there isn't just enough information to get them persuaded in trusting you. Video is used in marketing because it creates a unique connection between the seller and the buyer. A message on video that can convey genuine intent and personality will provide 66% more leads (see here). Telling your company story, or sharing your vision for your company's future products and services, talks about what you care, your principles and beliefs. People want to know that you care about them when they buy from you. They come to you and not your logo when they need customer service. All your branding and name will be eventually recognized with your values as a product/service provider. So start talking about what you love about your business. Connect to the audience that is already there and wants to get to know you. Boris

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